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For friends, fans, and family of Clandestine, a tribal fusion belly dance quartet comprised of Beth and Sue (formerly of Romani Urban Tribal Belly Dance) and the lovely Rachel and Amy, our frequent collaborators/partners in crime. RSS Feed what is XML?

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SF Bay Area
Clandestine to perform at benefit for Temple of...  topic
TribalFest  topic
Clandestine at Rock, Strip n Roll  topic
Rock Strip n Roll  photo flag
Rachel & Amy performing at the Nimby Haiti bene...  topic
Clandestine on New Year's Eve!  topic
9/15: Beginning Tribal Belly Dance Classes with...  topic
8/28: Clandestine at the Shoebox Summer Showcase  topic
Clandestine at Tribal Fest Saturday, 5/16 at 3:...  topic
Clandestine Photo Shoot 4/11/09  photo flag
Clandestine at Bollyhood on Thursday, 4/9  topic
Clandestine at Bollyhood 4/9/09 with FCBD and Q...  photo flag
Beth Amy Rachel Sue SOMEBODY!  topic
Clandestine at Baobab Village 3/18  topic
Clandestine at Baobab Village 3/18!!  photo flag
Clandestine at Tease-O-Rama 2008!  topic
Clandestine backstage at Tease-O-Rama 10/3/08  photo flag
Exotica Show  topic
9/9: Belly Dance Class Session Begins!  topic
Clandestine at Counterfeit 7/18  topic
Queen Harish article in the Chronicle today  topic
Queen Harish Workshop 7/26  topic
More info on the Queen Harish Bollywood worksho...  photo flag
Queen Harish Workshops and Show  photo flag
naughty kids  photo flag

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